Photo by Shaena Mallett

Kelly Creedon is a documentary filmmaker and visual journalist whose work focuses on using intimate storytelling as a means to explore communities and the issues and questions that unite and divide us. 

Her short documentary In This World was awarded 2nd place in Documentary Journalism in Pictures of the Year International and an Alexia Foundation Award of Excellence, and has screened widely at festivals around the country. Her short film work has been featured in the PBS Online Film Festival, Rooftop Film Festival, New York International Children's Film Festival, National Geographic, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, the Vimeo Staff Picks Channel, Univision, Fusion, the Huffington Post, and the Bitter Southerner, among others. As a 2014 Powering a Nation Fellow, she was the Editor-in-Chief and videographer on the award-winning interactive documentary Whole Hog: The Power of Pork. 

She is an adjunct faculty member at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism, where she received her MA in Visual Communication. She is also a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. 


She is currently based in Durham, NC, and is available for coffee and collaborations.